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About the Master

The comprehensive view of business and the development of managerial skills will allow the MBA graduate to occupy positions with greater responsibility and to have the conviction to innovate to set the bar for managerial leadership.

Managers with a multidisciplinary vision, decisive for the future of the organization they belong to.

On the basis of an academic structure focused on senior management, the MBA for Masters from the Graduate School at UPC provides students with the chance to identify and optimize their competences in the strategic areas of corporate management, in order to consolidate a multidisciplinary vision that sets the path for their organizations.

Faced with the challenges generated by the local and international context, and the emergence of new business channels, the MBA for Masters provides an analytical-holistic-strategic view that gives the students a differential value that will allow them to have greater professional opportunities and the reaffirmation of a leadership that responds to the high demands of modern enterprises.

The MBA has been designed for graduates of the Graduate School at UPC* and offers a series of additional benefits, such as the chance to participate in the Immersion Week at Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, in Spain, and thus obtained double academic certification.

*Only individuals with the following masters: Human Factor Strategic Management; International Business Management; Management and Administration; Supply Chain Management; Marketing and Sales Management; Corporate Finance Management; and Public Management.