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The concept of leadership of the Business and Leadership Division is based on developing intrapersonal competencies in order to lead, bring together a group of people and transform them into a team revolving around a shared vision and combined efforts to reach the goals set. The development of the participants' competencies is established in three dimensions:

  1. Intrapersonal domain, referred to self-awareness and reflection about oneself.
  2. Interpersonal domain, referred to the quality of the bonds established with the people in our environment.
  3. Management domain, covering management skills.

This methodology is about developing skills and attitudes for the participants to apply what they have learned. Based on this concept, this methodology is student-centered, and the lecturer becomes a facilitator of the teaching-learning process, encouraging student leadership and promoting critical and constructive learning. Moreover, it entails a comprehensive learning that involves not only the individuals' intellectual dimension, but also their motivations and attitudes.


  • Train the Trainers
  • Managerial Tool Program
  • Certificate Program in Leadership and Management Skills Development
  • Certificate Program in Human Development and Management
  • Certificate Program in Management and Leadership
  • Certificate Program in Executive Improvement
  • Certificate Program in Executive Skills (on site and on-line version).
  • Performance Assessment Program, which improves personal skills and their effectiveness

The Business and Leadership Division of UPC Graduate School offers companies custom-made functional programs (in house), with the same academic rigor as in its open programs. These programs cover different business management areas, such as Administration and Organization, Human Resources, Marketing and Sales, Finance and Accounting, and Operations and Logistics. 

These are activities based on the experiential learning approach. Through a set of outdoor activities, we offer the appropriate environment to exert leadership and team work skills in challenging and risk situations, which require personal and group effort.
Experiential education states the necessity for learning to be focused first on experience, which is then analyzed and reflected upon to abstract and generalize the experience and transfer it to real life. 
Although coaching is a competency developed by the Business and Leadership Division in leadership programs, when it comes to top executives, a frequently used strategy is to assign each of them a coach or instructor.
In periodic meetings, the coach points out areas of improvement and makes executives aware of their opportunities to become better leaders. The main problem with leadership is that human beings are not, or simply do not want to be, aware of their own flaws. Coaches or instructors are trained top executives with management experience, which allows them to support the managers without making them feel threatened.
An internationally certified appreciative methodology is used, which focuses on the positive and whose objective is that individuals do not become dependent on their coaches, but that they acquire independence and self-improvement habits.

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