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Social Responsibility


Use the cloud and help protect the environment.


  • With only a Web browser or specific app., you can access the servers that store our handouts.
  • Receive and check your reading material on line from any place. You can do it through a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Control all the material you receive at your convenience.

Paper is made of organic material, in other words, of elements that are or have been alive. Therefore, we need to value the importance of paper as a clear example and result of a manufacturing process that has caused the death of a living being: A TREE.
The production of one single sheet of white paper requires 370 cm3 of clean water. Manufacturing a thousand kilograms of paper implies the consumption of 100 000 liters of water. From them, 10% is highly polluted and poured into rivers.*
The paper industry is among the most polluting industries in the world. The high toxicity of its industrial methods is due, fundamentally, to the chloride whitening process, a real nightmare for the paper industry.
The future consequences of the overexploitation of timber resources will be suffered by the next generations. It is our duty to become aware that today's abundance may become tomorrow's shortage.

  • You contribute to the extinction of animal and plant species that live thanks to trees.
  • You promote tree felling in the Amazon and soil impoverishment.
  • You stop the renovation cycle of the air, which depends on trees.
  • You keep the paper demand and the paper industry's high polluting levels.

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